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Global Missions is a large ministry made up of thousands of individuals who have felt the call to go and spread the gospel. Do you feel called? The first step is to pray and speak to your pastor about your burden for the mission field.

Experience Missions

After speaking to your pastor and prayer, there are several ways that you can get involved. The best starting point is to experience missions on a trip. There are several trips that you could consider:

-Apostolic Youth Corps trips - www.apostolicyouthcorps.com
-International Trips sponsored by your district or local church

Short term involvement

Many who experience a missions trip feel their call confirmed and seek the next step. There are several short-term missions opportunities that are a part of Global Missions.

Next Steps is an outgrowth of the AIM program and targets youth who wish to participate in an extended summer missions activity. This ministry teams youth together in a designated country for a period of two months during the summer for intensive training and hands-on experience.

AIMers assist with building projects, type, teach Bible studies, do plumbing and electrical work, preach, distribute tracts, home-school MKs, run presses... AIMers can do just about anything! If you are 18 or older and can spare 2-12 months and want to be involved in a God-venture guaranteed to change your life, check into Associates in Missions!

  • Associated Minister

Associated Ministers make trips to the missions field to minister. They serve under “volunteer” status, raise their own funds, and do not live on the missionary field.

  • Associate Missionary

The Associate Missionary works under the supervision of a resident missionary and regional director on a minimal budget while on location. In order to preserve the “volunteer" status of this level, the Associate Missionary will be appointed for one year with the option of requesting an extension to serve additional time. The administration will come under the auspices of the AIM program with approved participants not being considered employees of Global Missions.

Lifetime or long term involvement

While serving in short-term ministry, you may feel that this is where God has called you to be on a full-time basis. Global Missions desires to support passionate ministers that God has called to the mission field to be able to serve full-time in the ministry.

  • Intermediate Missionary

Intermediate missionary is a full-time missionary status supported by Partner’s In Missions (PIM). The appointment is indefinite and is the first of two levels in financial supported Global Missions. Previous missions experience at the Associate level is recommended.

  • Career Missionary

Career missionary is a full-time missionary status for ordained ministers supported by Partner’s In Missions (PIM). The appointment is indefinite and is the second of two levels in financial supported Global Missions.  Previous missions experience at the Intermediate level is recommended.