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Brandon and Adrian Abernathy

Missionary, Africa, South Africa

Brandon Abernathy grew up as a missionary kid. His parents, Gary and Sharon Abernathy have been career missionaries to Africa for over 30 years. He lived in South Africa and Malawi with his parents before returning to the states to go to Bible school at IBC in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brandon felt the call to preach during this time and never lost the call for the work in Africa.

While working in the church with his Uncle, Bryan Abernathy in Bloomington, Indiana, he met Adrian. They were married and worked in Bloomington until they felt to go to Pana, Illinois, to work with Pastor Robert Russell. While there, Brandon and Adrian Both were involved in ministry as the principal of Pana Christian Academy. They were not only involved in the school, but also worked with the youth.

Still feeling the call of Africa, they returned to Zambia, where Brandon's parents are missionaries today. They spent a year there on AIM fulfilling many needed areas of responsibility such as, teaching in the Bible school and speaking at various minister meetings, national and youth conferences, seminars and churches. After completing their year on AIM, they were invited to continue their ministry in Johnston City, Illinois, to work as youth pastor under the leadership of Pastor Glasco for the last 8 years.

Brandon also held the office of sectional youth director for several years. Still feeling the call of God to go back to Africa, they submitted their application to be appointed as Intermediate Missionaries and received their missionary appointment in March of 2012, to South Africa/Botswana. They have one son, Gavin Lee who is now the fourth generation of the Abernathy family to be missionaries in Africa. They are a vibrant and exciting young couple with many years of service to give for the work of Global Missions in Africa.


Brandon: preaching, teaching, evangelism, leadership seminars

Adrian: teaching, Sunday school ministry, ladies' speaker


Brandon's birthday is August 4th and Adrian's Birthday is February 10th.